Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, episodes 2 and 3

I liked episodes 2 and 3 much better than episode 1.  Again, it’s a typical thing with me to not really be into the first few episodes of a Korean drama.  This drama, though, has me at the 2nd episode.

Reasons behind the 4th prince’s asshole attitude are revealed and Lee Joon Gi’s performance has become much less over the top (although, in present day, he would be considered a serial killer).  He has settled well into broody bad guy/not really a bad guy mode.

The character Ha Jin (IU) still reminds me of anime school girl, but it’s getting better, or maybe I’m just getting used to the character.

Ha Jin has seriously caught the eye of the 8th prince (Wook, played by Kang Ha Neul).  I’m not comfortable with the prince being married, though, while chasing after Ha Jin.  Is this a case of “It’s great to be a prince?”

In the second episode, there was an attempt on the crown prince’s life.  In an effort to prove his worth (at least that’s what I’m assuming), Prince So (the 4th prince) has taken it upon himself to find the one who attempted to kill the crown prince.

He gets royally pissed off (see what I did there?) at Ha Jin for getting in the way of his investigation.  In kdrama land, that means they will be lovers.  That’s just the way it is in kdrama land.  I think most girls and women watching Scarlet Heart: Ryeo are watching just to see Lee Joon Gi be romantic and stuff.  I know that’s what I’m doing.

I anxiously wait for episode 4.



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