Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, episode 4

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, episode 4 is worth watching, if for nothing more that to watch Lee Joon Gi’s awesome acting.

Let’s get this out of the way, first.


Honestly, why would you be reading this if you didn’t expect spoilers?

With that out of the way, here are my thoughts, random as they may be, about Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, episode 4.

It’s now confirmed in my mind that Prince So is a psychopathic murderer (by modern day values), and we find out why.  His biological mom and one of the queens…she’s a perfect whack job, right there.  We learned that in the first episode.  Then, we learn where So’s scars (which we saw in the second episode, I think) came from.  His adoptive mother had him beaten and locked him away as a child, when she wasn’t in some hallucinatory state thinking he was her long dead son.

Not only does Lee Joon Gi play the very disturbed Prince So well, he makes us feel for this character we would normally hate.

Now, on to more soap opera like stuff, because hey, it’s Korean drama.

Prince Wook’s wife tells Prince Wook to get a second wife (‘cause you know how he’s been looking at Hae Soo).

And the little prince (Prince Eun) has a crush on Hae Soo.

And the “we knew that was going to happen” romance has begun to start between Prince So and Hae Soo.

Prince Jung may turn away from his crazy ass mother, after Prince So saves him from highly motivated street thugs.  We’ll see.  Hae Soo teaches Prince Jung the word “hwaiting,” which is actually “fighting,” but that’s another unrelated story.

The biggest plot point of episode 4 is Prince So is now allowed to stay in the palace.  That’s actually huge.

Now, I know Scarlet Heart: Ryeo is taking a big artistic license with history, but I wonder by how much.  In history, Prince So becomes Gwangjong, the fourth Emperor of Goryeo.  He marries his half-sister (eww), portrayed as an evil, self-serving bitch in this program.  I haven’t read any history of where he marries some unknown, uppity girl from the Hae family.

Oh, yeah…I looked it up.  Emperor Taejo was very, very, very, very, very prolific.  Somewhere, I heard or read he had 25 sons (princes) or I may have heard that in one of the first three episodes.  I looked it up and yeah…he had 25 sons…let’s be thankful we’re only dealing with six of them (I think) in this show.  Any more and there’d be no way to keep up.

Am I going to watch more?

Of course, if for no other reason than Lee Joon Gi’s acting.

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