Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, episode 7

Hae Soo is falling for Prince Wook and Prince So is falling for Hae Soo. This can’t be good.



Prince Yo: you suck.

You practically sexually assault your half-sister (relations with half-sisters seem to be a thing in Goryeo royalty as Prince So marries his half-sister in real history), and you set up Prince Eun to devastatingly embarrass Prince So.  That act alone starts to cause stronger rifts among the brothers.

Hae Soo, demoted to court lady for having the audacity to not want to marry the Emperor, is also going to cause rifts among the brothers prince.  They all, including the Crown Prince, like her (well, except for Prince Yo, but like I stated before…he sucks).  I predict some jealousies will grow.

I don’t have to predict that with Prince Wook and Prince So, though.  Jealousy is a given in the triangle they have with Hae Soo.  Why?  It’s a kdrama, that’s why.  And, since this kdrama is set in violent times, you know this could get deadly.

I’m glad Bear Girl was introduced into the story for Prince Eun.  He hates her now, but true to any kdrama plot, he’ll start liking her soon.

Now, back to the triangle.

Hae Soo is beginning to believe she can have a life with Prince Wook.  He’s kind to her and gives her presents and kisses her on the forehead.  That’s quite a setup for a big fall for the prince and I bet the other court ladies are jealous.

Why a big fall?  It’s kdrama land and the bad-but-really-good-guy gets the girl.  Prince So, moody and murderous, has become enamored with Hae Soo, though he hasn’t admitted it to himself, yet.

Here, I have to mention that Lee Joon Gi’s acting is very good in this drama.  It only takes tiny face inflections and body language to set his mood for the viewers, which I’m sure is a challenge behind the mask.  His humored reactions to Hae Soo’s antics were fun to see.

When Prince So took the mask off in front of his brothers and Hae Soo, I felt his devastation and embarrassment.  Hae Soo had already seen the scar, but the reactions from his brothers only solidified his reasons for keeping his face behind a mask.

I’m happy to see more screen time for Lee Joon Gi and I want more.  I’m very sure that wish will be fulfilled.

My last thought about this episode…you already know it.  Prince Yo sucks.

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