Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, episode 8

Typical of kdramas, there is unintended (and some intended) familiarity going on between Prince So and Hae Soo. That’s fun to watch.


You know this, but I’ll say it anyway:


Back in the day, if a court lady was ordered to stay away from the princes, she stayed away from the princes.  Oh, but not Hae Soo.  She’s lucky she hasn’t been executed for disobeying orders that serious.

Regardless, Hae Soo’s love triangle with Prince Wook and Prince So is getting more intense, and it’s starting to cause a little jealousy between the princes.  Like I said before, this can’t be good.

It was bad planning on the parts of Emperor Taejo and Choi Ji Mong (what is he?  the astronomer adviser to the heavens?) to put the 4th prince (Prince So) in the position of performing  the rain ceremony.  The public is fickle and to make Prince So go through that gauntlet of common (and uneducated) townsfolk was cruel.  I guess people in masks are scary to the common folk.  After the pelting of stones and mud, it’s no wonder Prince So ran away to hide

Of course, Hae Soo has an answer to the mask problem: create another mask by using makeup.  That’s all that makeup is, really.  She did a great job of covering Prince So’s scar, letting him walk the gauntlet again, this time with the common people treating him well.

It was fortunate for all involved that it did rain right after Prince So showed up at the temple.  What would they have done if that hadn’t happened?

Typical of kdramas, there is unintended (and some intended) familiarity going on between Prince So and Hae Soo.  That’s fun to watch.  At first, I didn’t like IU’s acting, but I’m liking it now, especially in her interactions with Lee Joon Gi.  Oh, Lee Joon Gi, you play emotional broody guy well.  I could watch you all day.

Oh, but what is Hae Soo going to do, now?  She’s attached herself to Prince Wook.

And then,  something totally unexpected happens.

Hae Soo has a vision/hallucination/bad daydream involving Prince So.  In her vision/hallucinaton/bad daydream, she sees Prince So in a very red filter.  Of course, rather than think she ate something bad or didn’t get enough sleep the night before, she comes to the wild conclusion that Prince So is Gwangjong, the 4th ruler of Goryeo.  Well, maybe it’s not that much of a wild conclusion as the real Prince So from history did become Gwangjong.

I bet she’s going to try and change history by having Prince So still be Gwangjong but without killing a few of his brothers in the process.

What did I get out of this episode?  Hae Soo doesn’t take orders very well and Lee Joon Gi is as gorgeous as ever.

Oh, and yeah…Prince Yo, you suck.  Well, his mother sucks.  They both suck.


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