Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, episode 10

Lee Joon Gi…he keeps me watching.

requisite warning: SPOILERS

I’m really not sure how I feel about this episode.

Despite three offers to leave the palace, Hae Soo turns two of the offers down and can’t seem to make a decision on the remaining one.

Hae Soo believes she can have a good life with Prince Wook, but can’t give him an answer to his marriage proposal…not that it matters, anyway.  I can’t see Emperor Taejo giving permission for one of his sons to marry a woman who scarred herself so she would not have to marry him.  Let’s not forget, too, that Hae Soo is a court lady.  Court ladies don’t marry princes (I think).

It’s ironic that Hae Soo can give wise instruction to the various princes, but can’t seem to make wise decisions for herself.

Now, as for Prince So…it doesn’t matter he’s going to be Gwangjong (historically, anyway).  Because Lee Joon Gi is playing Prince So, and doing an awesome job of it, we are pulling for Prince So.  We sympathize with him.  We want him to succeed.  The chemistry between Hae Soo and Prince So is what we yearn to see in all kdramas and it’s much more compelling than the chemistry between Hae Soo and Prince Wook.

Lines, blurry or not, are being drawn.  The princess is in cahoots with evil mom to Prince Yo and Prince So…a woman who easily resorts to murder to get what she wants.  Prince Yo does a masterful job at planting the “hate” seed against Prince So in Prince Wook.

Back to Prince So…he wants Hae Soo, and he just may succeed in his efforts.  He forced a kiss on her, but promised not to do that, again.  He takes her on a romantic date/not-date.  He gives her a pretty present.  That all means impending romance in kdrama land.

Prince So also shows his fealty to the Crown Prince, and the action seems to work.  Too bad Prince So got poisoned in the process, drinking the poisoned tea meant for the Crown Prince.

Now, we know that Prince So will live.  He has to.  The whole series centers around him.  The man is destined to become Gwangjong.

Hae Soo, well, she’s going to get into trouble…we know this.  She’s going to be accused of trying to kill the Crown Prince, or at the very least, Prince So.  Again, kdrama land.  The preview for the next episode shows her possibly getting hanged.  We know that can’t happen.  She’s the focus of the story.

Character interactions and futures aside, I’m finding the flow of the story a bit slow.  I’m sure it will pick up, soon.  Maybe it will feel more like a historical drama when swords and arrows start flying.  A brother has to die soon.

What do I come away with after watching episode 10?  I just love watching Lee Joon Gi.  To be honest, he’s the main reason I’m watching.

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