Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, episode 12

Hae Soo needs to wake up!

Fair warning…spoilers

I hate to say it, but the editing on this episode was horrible.  Too many pieces of the story needed much better transitions than they got and the events of the episode simply didn’t flow well.  It felt like it was edited by a film student.  I’m hoping this was due to constraints of time versus content, because I can’t think of a more terrible way to present a such a pivotal episode.

I can understand why Taejo sent Hae Soo away.  He knew most of the princes were fond of her and she would interfere with the way things should be.

I’m not sure why Taejo sent Prince So away…maybe it was because Prince So openly showed compassion for Hae Soo.

Prince Baek-ah’s “girlfriend”(I think it’s Prince Baek-ah…there are too many princes to keep track of), we get some vague sob story that may explain why she hates Taejo.  I’m sure she got a clue, though, that her mysterious “boyfriend” was a prince when it looks like she impaled him while trying to assassinate Taejo.  Gosh, I hope that’s not the case.

The princess made her move on Prince So.  She asked him to marry her.  It seems Prince So turned her down, though we know in real history, he does eventually marry her.  Meanwhile, here in drama land, Prince So asks Hae Soo to marry him, not once, but twice.

Hae Soo needs to wake up!

She may still have strong feelings for Prince Wook, but he’s turned bad guy and turned his back on her.  Sure, he says he misses her and stuff, but he can’t back up his words by action, because his action abandons Hae Soo.

Prince So, on the other hand, is trying his living best to protect Hae Soo.  She’s still hung up on the fact he will be Guangjong.  While this is true to history, she really doesn’t know that.  All she has is some vague history lesson and some red filter visions to tell her Prince So is Guangjong.

Hae Soo frustrates me.

What do I get from this episode?  I certainly hope the editing returns to normal.  The bad guys are still the bad guys.  We have a new bad guy with Prince Wook.  Prince So is the best mass murdering good guy, ever.

On a side note:  The actors in this series have all impressed me, so far.  Specifically, I knew Lee Joon Gi would be awesome.  He always is.  It’s IU I am most impressed with.  She’s not the best actress, but she is doing a better job with this role than I thought she would.



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