Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, episode 14

Prince So and Hae Soo finally have that kdrama kiss!


This was the episode we’ve all been waiting for.  Prince So and Hae Soo finally have that kdrama kiss!

Not before Prince So gets married to someone else, first, though.  He married the king’s niece, a little girl, of all people, out of compassion.  It also puts Prince So as next in line for the throne.  He didn’t want that.

Not before Prince Jung innocently stays in Hae Soo’s room for a night, too.  Yeah, really…innocently, though we do know that Prince Jung has a major crush on Hae Soo.  Somehow, I have a feeling that’s going to come into play.  It has to, else his attentions wouldn’t be a continued subplot in the series.

Prince Wook, you are a slimy worm.  You try and get the king to abdicate his throne to you.  And when that fails with Prince So’s marriage, you team up with the traitor Yo (who somehow survived impalement with a sword and falling off a cliff…but that’s normal in a historical kdrama).  Then, you have the audacity to tell you mother and sister it’s all for Hae Soo and to protect the family?  I call BS.  It’s your way of rationalizing your ugly greed.

We are left with Prince So and Prince Yo clashing blades.  Prince So has a choice: follow Prince Yo, letting Yo have the throne, or let Hae Soo die of the crime of killing the king (which, of course, was a frame up).

I knew it was too good to last… the romance between Prince So and Hae Soo.  I mean, it was only one episode.  Let’s hope we get more.  I love to watch Lee Joon Gi’s kissing scenes.

They did make a promise to each other never to lie to each other, again.  I wonder how long that promise will last.

What did I come out with this episode?  Prince So is compassionate, a trait you’d never think would be in a man who grew up with the hell in he grew in.  Hae Soo finally made her romantic decision.  Prince Jung’s crush over Hae Soo is cute, but I wonder if more will come of it, because you know Prince So and Hae Soo will have more difficulties.  Prince Wook is still a slime ball.  And, Prince Yo is still a bastard.

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