Scartlet Heart: Ryeo, episode 15

Sigh. I just don’t want to see Hae Soo and Prince So break up.

Hae Soo!  You left a letter for the general?  What were you thinking?

There are times when you are brilliant.  Then, there are times when you’re an absolute idiot.

Prince So had to have seen the letter you left at the astronomer’s place.  He lives there, for crying out loud.  Of course, the Royal Guards showed up at Damiwon.

It looks like Prince So is going to have to kill Prince Eun.  This is tearing Prince So apart.  Of course, Hae Soo has to help Prince Eun and his wife.  That is a given.  I’m sure this situation means Prince So and Hae Soo will have to break up.

Prince Jung is hopelessly in love with Hae Soo.  Does that mean she will attach herself to Prince Jung?  She could do worse.

But, as I think about this, maybe Hae Soo wanted Prince So to read the message to set up a fake “killing.”  Or, maybe I’m over-thinking this.

Sigh.  I just don’t want to see Hae Soo and Prince So break up.  They look so good together.  I think I’ll pout until next week over this.

On to other matters…

It looks like the king has never really forgiven Prince Wook for betraying him two years back.  He has to have something up his sleeve to cause damage to the 8th prince.  Whatever it is, it’s not going to look pretty and I bet it will have something to do with Hae Soo.

The princess just had her walking papers handed to her with the king’s order to marry that Khitan guy.  I know she’s not going to sit idly by and let that happen.  History has it she married Prince So.  I bet she goes to Prince So with her sob story and he will feel obligated to marry her, just like he felt obligated to marry his little girl niece.

Now, if that won’t break him and Hae Soo apart, I don’t know what will.

Gosh, this was such hard episode to watch after we rejoiced in Prince So and Hae Soo finally getting together.  I’m sure the last five episodes are going to be hell.

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