Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, episodes 16, 17 & 18

I’m predicting a sad ending to this drama.

Good bye, Prince Eun.  You and your wife held a special place in all our hearts.

We even felt So’s pain when he killed you.  It was heartbreaking.

Feeling betrayed by Hae Soo and devastated at having to kill Prince Eun, So tells Choi Ji that he will, one day, become king.  Two years later, after building a palace (and badly, apparently), So is back.

He and Hae Soo get back together because she says she trusts him and she won’t leave him.  Yeah, right.

After Jeongjong (Prince Yo)’s death, there’s a bit of controversy over how So became king, but that isn’t hard to deal with.  Things are going great for the SoSoo couple, too.  The problem is, as king, So doesn’t have the support of the major families.

Wook’s mother has given up on her son becoming king, so she focuses on having her daughter, Princess Yeon-hwa, half sister to So, become queen.  Other than the ewww factor, this does follow actual history.

Hae Soo has no choice but to accept the fact that Princess Yeon-hwa has to become queen to support the throne.

Then, Prince Jung, who has not kept quiet about his love for Hae Soo, is exiled by So.  Jung had committed treason by questioning So’s ascension.  So easily could have put his brother to death, but for Hae Soo’s sake, he only exiled his brother.  Hae Soo, thinking like a woman from the 21st century, doesn’t see this.

So, by now, things are not as happy with the SoSoo couple as they were before.  Hae Soo is upset and actually makes contact with Jung.  When So won’t let Jung come to his mother’s death bed, Hae Soo doesn’t understand, which upsets So… a lot.

But, then, the unbelievable happens.  So has Hae Soo’s best friend beaten to death.  Even when So explains  Chae-ryung has been spying on her for Wook and caused the death of King Hyejong (Wang Mu), Hae Soo freaks out.

Granted, beating a person to death is extreme by 21st century standards, but by ancient Goryeo standards, Chae-ryung got exactly what is expected of someone who killed a king.

I just don’t get how the character Hae Soo could live in Goyreo for years and not get that kings kill people.  That’s what they do.  If there is any hint of treason, then there death by whatever means the king wants.  Hell, she’s lucky she hasn’t been executed several times over during this drama (and she almost was, at one time).

Now, she is going to give up on So, after promising she would not do so.  Nice way to send So off the deep end.  Again, I don’t get it.  She wanted to change history, but, so far, has failed miserably at that.  Even Choi Ji wants her to stop interfering.

But, this is Gwangjong, for heaven’s sake (in history, Prince So is Gwangjong).  The fact that he didn’t kill his brother Jung showed restraint on So’s part.  Chae-ryung committing the level of treason she did, no matter what the reason, was unforgivable.  She had to be put to death.

Hae Soo, no one can trust you, especially the man who risked his heart for you, the murderous Gwangjong.  You played him, and now he’s pissed.

Of all the actors on this drama, I’m respecting Lee Jun Gi more and more.  I already have high respect for him, but I’ve never seen him play the bad guy (yes, he’s a bad guy, for the time being).  He does bad guy really well.  It’s scary.

In episode 19, So is probably going to have angry sex with his wife, Yeon-hwa, thus conceiving that son she wants.  So is probably going to go off the deep end and kill another brother or two.  Since Hae Soo wants to go to Jung, So might just very well have Jung killed.  Way to go, Hae Soo.  You didn’t think of that, did you?

These next two episodes are going to be quite the finale.  Despite the fact I hate the character Hae Soo, she does have the heart of So and I would like to see So become calm and become the king he eventually became in history (yeah, I think Hae Soo slept through that part of history class).

It would be nice to see Hae Soo live out the rest of her ten years with So (a palace doctor told her that her anxiety attacks have caused her physical problems and she won’t live past a decade).  It would be nice if she finally lives up to her word and stays with the volatile So and calms him down.  It would be nice…but I doubt that will happen.

I’m predicting a sad ending to this drama.

Will that stop me from watching?  NO.

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