My Views on the U.S. Presidential Election

I am a mass of conflicting impulses.  This post is one such example.

Many, if not almost, all of you are not citizens of the United States or do not live in the United States.  I am a citizen of that country and something has happened that I thought would never happen…a man who I think is dangerous has become president of the United States.

But, there is nothing I can do about it, at the moment, even though my emotions run high.   I don’t know how this election and how this new president will affect the world-wide way of things.  I hope, beyond hope, that I have misjudged this man I despise and that he makes the United States and THIS WORLD a better place.  Below is a post I made on Facebook. I’d put this on Naver, but it is in Korean and I don’t know it well enough to post anything.


In these last few days after the presidential election, friendships have been damaged and families have undergone major strife, both sometimes beyond the point of repair.
I feel things to the extreme, so all of this conflict among all I know has been mentally and physically stressful.
A day or two after my initial shock of the election results, I realized that my point of view is by far not the only valid one (though I do have a strong attachment to my view). Since then, I have been trying to spread the word of compassion. Whether that has made any difference, I don’t know.
This morning, I read on Cf Shih‘s wall a quote from the Buddha that makes the point more effectively.
“Conquer anger by love.
“Conquer evil by good.
“Conquer the stingy by giving.
“Conquer the liar by truth.”
~~ The Buddha, Dhammapada 17.3
I thank, Cf Shih for helping me understand the truth.
I know there are comparable teachings in other religions. Please, seek them out and understand their message.
I ask/suggest you use these truths to help guide you in whatever path you choose, in your personal life, work life, and in promoting your causes, political or not.
Because of the love and compassion I have for friends and others, I will always have the back of those in need, whatever that those needs might be. I hate to think those needs may include protecting the rights of others, but helping those in need is helping those in need…and I will try to do so with compassion in my heart and with the words of the Buddha shown above in my brain.

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i am a mass of conflicting impulses...surviving in a universe of barely controlled chaos.

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