Negotiation and Compromise

(This story continuation is a work of fan-fiction, in progress, using characters from the South Korean epic “The Great Queen SeonDeok 선덕여왕.” No copyright infringement is intended. This story continuation is merely the imaginings of, and for the entertainment of, the author.)

Kim Alcheon, as former governor of Silla, acted as the nation state’s ambassador and chief of this particular conference.  He carried his ancient sword as he walked into the room and placed it on the table to show his resolve for unification.
Eden was represented by its War Chief, Athena.  She was flanked by two women who looked to be her body guards…not that she needed them.  Her prowess in battle was well known throughout the three nation states.
New Mecca was represented by a low level ambassador named Neil Jones. He was elaborately dressed and used a fancy fan to cool himself, not that cooling himself was necessary, since the room was air conditioned.
They sat around the large table, staring at each other.  Fifteen minutes went by as the representatives of each nation state sized each other up.
Alcheon started by relaying the facts of the situation.
“Earth’s UN has stated that we are in violation of UN edict by claiming independence,” he stated.  “UN ground forces are already in route and will arrive in five Earth months.”
Alcheon looked at the two representatives, individually.
“My first question would be this. Do you want to give in to Earth’s demands or do you want to keep our independence by uniting as one government, joining our individual military forces in a united power in defense of Mars?”
“Then, I should ask,” responded Athena, “can each nation state keep its own autonomy after joining forces to repel Earth’s attacks?”
“A unification, tying all three nation states together, would be a more logical action, to protect Mars from future invasion attempts,” countered Alcheon.  “As long as our forces come together and grow, we can protect ourselves.”
By her body language, it was obvious she did not want a long term unification.
“You have lived an extremely long life, Governor Alcheon,” started Athena, “but you may not know the origins of Eden society. Some of our way of life can be traced all the way back to Sythia and the Amazons.  We live for battle.  We battle for the sake of battle.  We kill for the sake of battle.   Contrary to what many believe, our city states do not go to war to take land or resources.  That is law.  We hone our skills, not in sterile practice fields, but in the exhilaration of battle.  For instance, did you know that no woman can marry until she slays a man in battle?   This is the way of Eden and its city states and that will not end.  If we were to join your unified Mars, we would lose our precious way of life.  That will not happen.  We will battle the invaders with you and New Mecca.  We will even train your lowly warriors in your territories.  But, after we repel the invaders, we will go back to the life we have preciously built on this Mars.”
Athena sat back in her chair, her arms crossed.  It was obvious to Alcheon she would not budge. He sighed in disappointment, yet he accepted Athena’s position.
“As representative for the Silla nation state, I accept your position.  I am saddened, but understand.”  Alcheon stared into her bright blue eyes. “In two weeks, when Eden hosts the second conference, we will draft an agreement on training Silla’s ground forces.”  Athena bowed her head in agreement.
Alcheon turned his gaze, next, to the representative for New Mecca, Neil Jones.  Two guards also flanked him, overly armored.  Neil Jones was practically lounging in his chair, fanning himself with his decorative fan.  The painted man laughed more loudly than he needed to.
“Do you really think that New Mecca will agree to this supposed joining of forces?”
Both Athena and Alcheon stared at him in disbelief.
“Why,” asked Alcheon. “The forces are coming. That is a fact.  Only New Mecca has the ground to air and ground to space missiles that give us any hope of fighting against Earth’s invasion force.  We need your help, or all of this is a waste of time, and all three nation states will fall!”  Both Alcheon and Athena stood up in defiance of Neil Jones’ arrogant behavior.
Neil Jones, again, laughed.
“New Mecca can take care of the invaders itself.  But, General David Smith did give me one negotiation point that I must relay.”  Neil Jones looked directly at Alcheon.  “The General said that if New Mecca were to negotiate with Silla and Eden, he would only do so with one certain person, as long as that one certain person is escorted alone to his palace.  That person is Regina Louise.”  Alcheon, without thought, grabbed his sword.  At Athena’s signal, her body guards pulled their daggers, along with her.  She knew very well who Regina Louis was, as well as Regina Louis’ recent bond as feeder for Alcheon.  Neil Jones’ guards pulled their projectile weapons, arrogant with their superior firepower.
“What?” asked Neil Jones, looking at Alcheon with false surprise.  “Did you not know that your feeder has a history with General David Smith?  She was…”
“I don’t care!” yelled Alcheon.  “I don’t care about her past in this life!”  He was sincere in his claim.
“Well, regardless,” said Neil Jones. “General David Smith will only negotiate with her.  Now, if you’ll excuse me.”
Neil Jones casually stood up and left through the elaborate double doors of the conference room.
Alcheon and Athena looked at each other, shocked.

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