A Brilliant, Full Moon Lit the Sky

digital-art-1434763A brilliant, full moon illuminated the sky.

Its light refracted through the ocean back into rainbows.

Resting on the beach, the water’s tiny waves barely touched her feet..

The moon opened its brilliant, soft brown eyes and stared down at her.

“Who is this?” it thought/asked her.  “I recognize you.”

The warm water spread over her ankles, holding them in its grip.

The wind caressed her skin with chilling heat.

“Is this what you want?” thought/asked the moon.

The wind blew harder and traced her scars.

“Has your pain faded away?” thought/asked the moon.

The ice cold water reached her knees and held them down with force.

“Wander,” the moon thought/told her.  “You are mine.”

Solid ice rose between her thighs as she thought about the clouds.

They reflected the rainbow light and brightly shot calming light around her.

She felt the ice enter her and gently warm her from within.

The wave wafted in and around her as the moon grew.

It engulfed the entire sky, hovering over her in its dominance.

“What do you want from me?” thought/asked the moon, as its eyes entered her brain.

“I am not your comfort,” it thought/told her.  “I am not your calm.”

The moon held her in its mind grasp forever, pinning her in the wafting water.

“Do you think I will ever let you go?” thought/asked the moon.

“How can I?” it went on.  “You let me possess you.”

A wave full of force rammed against and in her, making the lightning slowly pass through her.

The moon pulled at her hair, shaking in its grasp.

She let the feeling hold her until the moon faded away.

His hands cradled her head when he finally stopped pulling her hair.

His head lay nestled in that special place where her neck and shoulder met, as his breath slowly calmed down.

She held the beautiful, young man until he finally positioned himself above her, resting on his elbows.

He caressed her face and touched his forehead to hers.

“I crossed the line, didn’t I?” he confessed.

“Oh, yes,” she confirmed, with a smile of satisfaction.  “But, wow.”

He lifted his head up and looked into her shining green eyes.

She looked into his brilliant, soft brown eyes and repeated, “Wow.”

He kissed her softly, thankfully forgiven.

She accepted his kiss and wondered why she let him possess her.

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