Vampire Princess

I have no idea what I’m going to do with this…

It’s the start of something…I’m just not sure what.


She was taken to the Buddhist temple to live out the rest of her natural life in exile.  The king, her father, had been dethroned, wrongly executed of treason against the people of his kingdom.  Her consort was beheaded in front of her.  She had lost all reason for life.

In a dark room of the temple, she spent many days contemplating a future of nothing.

Where she never even bothered to light a lamp or candle, she felt him. A hand caressed her hair, pulling it away from her neck.  She felt his breath as he whispered in her ear.

“Have you lost your will to live?”

She sighed.

“Kim Sung Yeol, whether you drain me slowly or quickly, the result will be the same.”

In the darkness, she saw a red glow coming from near her neck.  She felt fangs graze her neck, as if searching for the perfect spot to pierce.

“Despite your wishes, you will not die, tonight…nor will you die for centuries to come.”

She didn’t fight him as his fangs dug deeply into her neck.  Her blood flowed almost willingly into the vampire’s mouth, his gulps echoing in her ear.


She woke up in the same dark room she had occupied for weeks.

“Welcome back, Gongjumama,” said the voice of the vampire whom she had known all her life.

“Why did you not kill me?” she asked, disappointed.

“I almost did.  Your blood is sweet and I was almost overwhelmed with blood lust.  A vampire with no discipline would have drained you dry.”

“I do not understand you.  He died because of me.”

“No, Gongjumama.  My grandson’s death is not your fault.  It is mine.”

An unseen hand wiped tears from her cheek.

“I should have turned you when I gave him to you.  Only then would you have been able to protect him.”

“I never understood why you didn’t turn him, instead of relying on my lacking self.”

“I am the one who is lacking.  I cannot drink the blood of my children, nor their children.  The blood of the mother,” she heard his voice crack.  “The blood of my lover almost made me into a mad beast.  Their blood would have made me into an unstoppable, mad, ferocious animal.”

“Why me?  Of all the people in Joseon, why did you choose me?  Why did my father, the King, allow such a union?”

“Since all of Joseon celebrated your birth, I’ve watched you grow into a beautiful woman with emotions that span the wind.  When you are sad, you are immensely so.  When you are happy, you can’t help but spread your joy.  When you are angry, no one is safe.  And, when you love, all the men of Joseon wish they had you.”  She could almost see him smile.  “Even I was jealous.  If the king had allowed it, I would have relished being your consort.”

She realized, now, with his confessions of inadequacy, however untrue, and even his declaration of lust, his decision was not in her control.

“Now that you have me, what will you do with me?”

“Teach you the hand of Justice, and a way to live for that Justice.”

She felt his hand caress her face.

“Gongjumama. I know you’re hungry.  Drink from me.  Our bond in blood will strengthen you.  You may not allow me to take you after tonight, but you will always have me.”

She felt the lustful embrace of the vampire, who felt very much like his grandson.  Extremely hungry, she extended her fangs and drank the blood of this vampire, now her vampire, as she willingly gave in to his desires.

It was the last night she spent in the small, dark room.

The following nightfall, she ventured out of her self-imposed prison and bowed to the statue of Buddha in the traditional manner.

“I have no reason to live, but I accept your wisdom and will fulfill my new life’s purpose to the best of my ability.”

“Namu Amida Butsu.”

Watching from outside the temple, he silently echoed her. “Praise to Lord Buddha.”


History removed any trace of her king, his consorts and his one child, Crown Princess Hwagil.  Taking the surname of her sire, she called herself Kim Hwa Gil, so she would never forget the injustice handed to her and her family.

Throughout time, she owned and ran brothels, from major city to major city in the two Koreas.  Now, in the early 21st century, she returned to Seoul and opened the Fantasy Club (판타지 클럽), open to high-end clientele.  She trained her ladies and gentlemen for weeks before being allowed to serve her clients.  This tight rein on the quality of her attendants was well known among those who were allowed to become her customers.

It was rumored that she was married to a mysterious man who lived at the Fantasy Club.  He rarely ventured out, except at night, and kept mostly to himself.  She even visited him, occasionally, but always denied any marital relationship.

Upon occasion, one of her clients would misuse one of her attendants.  Having made it clear to her clients that such behavior would meet with deadly consequences, she would waste no time in exacting her anger onto the client.

Always, she would share her victim with her sire, an affirmation of his gift of a very long life.

When the sun rose, she would drag the offending “client” to his dark room.  They would share that “client” by each taking a side of the neck and savoring every drop.

She never knowingly accepted brutality to one of her attendants and her anger was always fierce.  Kim Sung Yeol accepted her view of justice.  He knew that such abusers never changed.

As always, after such a feed, they would spend the day together, in blood lust.

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